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  1. Horus Artist is YouTube Featured Artist

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    Birmingham folk artist Ben Calvert (Label Bohemian Jukebox, distributed by Horus Music) has his latest video Valpolicella Girl featured on the front page of Google YouTube today.  This week Ben is releasing his new single and is actively marketing the release with a UK wide tour and of supportive press and radio play.  Speaking about this wonderful surprise Ben said “Fantastic news, that’s made my day”.  Nick Dunn, CEO of Horus Music said “Ben has worked very hard in marketing himself and been very thorough.  Its with that kind of attention to detail as well as producing a quality product that made it possible for us to ask Google YouTube for marketing support and show them what the artist was doing to help himself.  We are very grateful and pleased with this success and have seen already in a short time the number of views rocket and this only continues to prove to us the importance of producing a good video and working along side our colleagues at YouTube.”

    All artists who are distributed through Horus Music have the ability to be featured on Google YouTube and other services around the world.  If your interested in being distributed by Horus Music and taking advantage of such high level marketing, then do contact us for more information.

  2. Loughborough University Careers Fair

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    On Wednesday we attended Loughborough University’s Careers Fair which was aimed at the alternative industries.  Throughout the day we met and spoke with students who were interested in working within the music industry.  We discussed and advised them on the different job roles that exist and some of the career paths they could follow based on their skills and their career ambitions.  The most common question of the day seemed to be I love music but I have no musical training or a non musical background so can I get a job in music?   We hopefully went someway to dispelling the myth that you don’t have to be an accomplished musician to work within the industry or have a music degree. It proved to be an enjoyable and successful day.  Have a look at the careers section of our website for more information and advice on careers within the music industry.

  3. Music2Text

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    Today a Warrant of Execution, issued by the Central London Law Courts was served on Denver Thomas, the owner of mobile texting company Music2Text. The company runs a system that allows artist to sell their music via SMS Keyword to a short code mobile number. The problem however is that the company would not pay back royalties and had excuse after excuse as to why it could not pay, none of which were genuine reasons. After giving the company a year to comply, legal action was taken and the court awarded in our favour that the royalties should be paid immediately, however Denver Thomas instead refused to pay the full amount and became threatening to staff. The Warrant now allows us to take what ever recovery action is required either in this country or any other country the company wishes to move itself too.

    Speaking on behalf of Horus Music, CEO Nick Dunn stated “our company has a zero tolerance to people who do not pay royalties that artists have rightly earned. Our artists work very hard and trust in our partners to be prompt and account correctly. We give companies with difficulties lots of time and in this case where the amount was small, it was decided, enough was enough. Nevertheless, Music2Text had plenty of opportunity to deal with this but only played lip service to our request and wouldn’t do anything until they started receiving the court papers. It is always unfortunate when you have to resort to legal action, however companies like Music2Text need to learn we expect our artists to be paid as per our agreements and if they don’t, we will do what ever is required.”


    On the 18th May 2012 the Court wrote:  “This warrant has now been levied. (goods indentified for removal if they fail to pay).

    On the 14th June 2012, the Court further wrote in regards to the outstanding warrant against Music2Text / Denver ThomasThe defendant has still not paid this despite pressure from the bailiffs. I can also confirm that they have not lodged any applications with the court and the warrant does remain enforceable.   I will be discussing the next steps with Mr Mothersole as he has been to the address but it looks like we will have to attend with a van and force the issue.

    Finally on the 20th July 2012 payment is received from the Court showing that Music2Text paid the outstanding royalties and fees he owed.    It seems the payment was made to the Court on the 25th June 2012.