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  1. Google’s Big News Day

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    Yesterday Google announced three new portable devices. The Nexus comes in small, medium and large, and all run Android 4.2. The updated OS includes new features, as well as the latest version of Google Now. Although there are no groundbreaking achievements in the new range of products, they’re certainly exciting. By combining the user-friendly operating system with high spec hardware, Google are certainly making their territory in the industry.

    The smallest device, the Nexus 4, is a powerful new smartphone.  Developed alongside LG, the phone has a quad-core processor, 4.7’’ 320 ppi display, and wireless charging; all features that make it stand out proudly amongst its competition. With the popular ‘Google Now’ function being given extra functionality, the phone is likely to be a big hit with Android users, although whether it will be able to tear consumers away from their current favourite brand is yet to be seen. The newly implemented panorama feature allows users to take a number of photographs around 360 degrees, and convert this into one ‘panoramic’ photo shot.

    The medium sized device, named Nexus 7, is designed to incorporate the functionality of a tablet, but with a size reduction. The Nexus 7 should fit comfortably in your hand, and has the optional add-on of 3G, however, this will cost you a premium. Given that most tablets are sleek and portable anyway, it’s yet to be seen if this is an innovative product, or just a less powerful, cheaper, alternative to the bigger tablet.

    The Nexus 10 is the biggest device. It’s clearly aimed to be the king of the tablet world, boasting a high resolution 10.055’’ at 300ppi, 9 hours of battery life during video playback, 500 hours of standby battery life, and front-facing stereo speakers. Perhaps the most enticing new feature is the possibility for multiple users to use the same tablet. On the Nexus 10, there is a user change system on the lock screen, so everybody can have their own home page, high scores, and private access to emails, apps, and documents.

    All three of the new devices will be available in the UK from November 13th, just in time for some Christmas shopping. The smartphone has a maximum memory of 16GB, whereas the two tablet devices offer maximum storage of 32GB. Prices were only confirmed in dollars in Google’s blog post, but will definitely hear more news in the coming days. With Christmas just around the corner, will Google be able to force their way into the Windows, Blackberry, or Apple markets? The iPad has dominated tablet sales thus far, but competition has driven prices down, and Apple may find that their hardware isn’t worth what it was two years ago.

  2. Jazz night – 30th October 2012

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    The Tony Webster band play a great selection of music from Latin Jazz, The Blues and Ska. Covering the works of artists such as: Carlos Santana, Tito Puente, George Benson, Miles Davis, Ernest Ranglin, Stevie Wonder, and Aretha Franklin etc. The band features a wonderful Vocalist who’ll captivate the audience with her brilliant singer style and artistry. The band in the main alternate between Instrumental and vocal tunes and tend to play with a Latin feel that adds vibrancy to the numbers. This Leicester based band  have been together 3.5 years and have develop a loyal following due to their versatility and range of music.

    Kate Szejnmann – Vocals/percussion
    Peter Nicholls – Saxophone
    Roger Foster - Keyboard
    Ian Morris – Percussion
    Risto Makinen – Drums
    George Dunseth – Bass
    Tony Webster – Guitar

    James Redford is a well established local musician to Leicester who you can often find touring the UK and world with his two other bands XOVA and Johnny2bad. James is a versatile musician who performs across a number of genres and can give any audience the style of music they like but maintain the highest quality.

    Accident a band again from Leicester who give audience a mix of popular jazz ballads and classics from the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s. Despite being that was only formed within the last couple of years, there is no question about the quality and attention to detail you are going to experience with this great band.

  3. Its not just about selling your music online

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    A few minutes ago whilst having lunch I started reading today’s daily news bulletin (like I always do) from CMU and the following head line caught my attention:


    The article is stating that despite One Direction having a huge number of fans, the band or their management don’t seem to see the value in going to a territory (India in this case) where the music business is quite different to where it is in other parts of the world.  I say that, I think actually it is the case that here in the UK things are moving quite quickly to a system whereby music is no longer the main incomer earner for bands, its actually the merchandise, the ticket sales and the brands.  Clearly in certain countries especially India, it is a well known fact that music piracy is high and in a country where many people cannot afford to live, it really is understandable why as there are more important things to spend limited money on, like food for the family.

    If it is true that One Direction won’t play in a country because record sales are low then I think this is very sad and short sighted of who ever made that choice.  Also if the band were involved in that decision, then it really doesn’t say a lot about them being genuine to their fans.  The thing is, OK record sales may be low, but you can still tour a country and earn an income without the CD sales.  I’m sure One Direction would be playing in very large venues, selling items of clothing, posters and anything else with their brand printed on it, so what do they have to loose?

    The clients we have at Horus Music are often spoken to and challenged about their thinking in terms of how they run their business.  Yes we can sell your music online at iTunes, Google Music, Amazon and hundreds more, we can put your CD in to the HMV shops, but you are so much bigger than that.  Artists should think about the touring, selling the T’Shirts or Special edition CD’s or Vinyl.  The list is not limited to that, its about you the artist as the brand.

    We go the extra mile here at Horus Music for our artists, so do come and talk to us about our services and hopefully we can help you be less short sighted than what seems to be happening with the boys from Sony.

    Written by Nick Dunn, CEO of Horus Music.  © 2012 Horus Music Limited