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  1. THE “16 FOR 16” CHARITY DIGITAL EP 2012

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    The Pixel Project is proud to present their first annual 16 For 16 charity digital EP featuring songs from YouTube and other independent artistes from around the world saying NO to violence against women (VAW) while raising funds for The Pixel Project. The EP is launched on the International Elimination of Violence Against Women Day as both a Music For Pixels programme as well as a part of The Pixel Project’s year-end 16 For 16 campaign in honour of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence.

    The 16 For 16 digital EP is the third Music For Pixels programme to kick off in 2012. Regina Yau, Founder and President of The Pixel Project said: “Music For Pixels mainly concentrates on working with YouTube artistes. However, since we started the campaign, we have also been contacted by artistes who do not have a presence on YouTube but are keen to use their music to speak out against VAW. We developed the EP as a platform for showcasing their anti-VAW music via YouTube and digital downloads.”

    The EP includes 5 artistes from around the world. Each artiste has created a music video PSA of their song in the Music For Pixels format which includes artiste statements against VAW and key global VAW statistics. The EP is headlined by AHMIR – YouTube’s #1 R&B group and The Pixel Project’s YouTube Music Ambassador. Other participating artistes are: Pete Ahonen – a Folk-Rock singer-songwriter and Lost Monkey Studio artiste from California, USA; Sarah Carpio – a Pop singer-songwriter and anti-human trafficking activist from Mexico; The Other People – a Pop-Rock band from India and winner of The Pixel Project’s Fall 2012 YouTube Cover Carnival; and Tony O’Malley – a Jazz-Pop singer-songwriter and pianist from the UK.

    Ms Yau said: “Music is one of the most powerful ways of spreading important social justice messages that would be difficult to talk about otherwise. With VAW being a taboo topic in many cultures and communities, we and the artistes on board this EP hope that this collection of 5 songs will inspire listeners worldwide to break their silence and take action to stop VAW in their communities. The songs are specially selected or written to boost the spirits of women and girls who have experienced and survived VAW and to bring a little hope in their lives over the year-end holiday season when incidences of VAW (especially domestic violence and female genital mutilation) spike.”

    This limited edition EP is available from 25 November 2012 to 28 February 2013 from major digital retailers worldwide including iTunes ( and Amazon ( With prices ranging from US$4.95 to US$6.45 depending on region and retailer, it is an affordable way for the global online community to give to the cause. Thanks to the pro bono distribution services of Horus Music and the generosity of the participating artistes, 100% of the proceeds will go towards supporting the development of The Pixel Project’s Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign that is currently in beta mode and is scheduled for launch in 2013. The Pixel Reveal campaign aims to raise US$1 million in benefit of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, The Pixel Project and other anti-VAW nonprofits around the world.

  2. Horus Music Artists Benefit From Launch Of Google Play Music In U.K.

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    Google Play Music has launched in the U.K, along with France, Italy, Germany, and Spain this week, following the success of its launch in the United States last year. The service allows users to purchase and play music across their computers and android devices, such as tablets and smartphones, as it is all stored in the cloud. The service also boasts no storage fees, so users will not be charged to have their music available on multiple devices.

    Google’s Head Of International Music Licensing, Sami Valkonen, told The Complete Music Update website earlier this week that this new music service “is a whole new way of living with music and technology”, which shows that the advent of Google Play Music in the U.K is revolutionary for musicians and their fans alike. It allows musicians to give their fans full accessibility to their releases, whilst fans are no longer confined to their laptops to listen to the artists they love. With Google Play Music, users’ music libraries will automatically synchronise to all of their devices that are linked to the service.

    Horus Music is one of the few companies across the world to hold a direct contract with Google Play, meaning that all artists who sign up to their distribution service will automatically see the benefits of the new music service. All releases that are distributed through Horus Music will be delivered directly to the Google Play Music store, ready for fans to purchase and enjoy wherever they are. As well as this, through working directly with Google Horus Music artists have access to exclusive promotional opportunities.

    Furthermore, Leicester based non-profit organisation Excluded, who work with under-privileged people living in the Leicester area, have already seen the music released by the people they work with become available on the Google Play Music store. Therefore, this highlights that through Horus Music, all artists are quickly becoming part of one of the fastest growing online music services.

    To see how you could benefit by having your music distributed to Google Play Music, click here. If you have any questions visit our contact page, fill in the form and a member of our team will get back you.

  3. 24-7 Juke Music Streaming Service

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    Artists who sign up with Horus Music benefit from having their music available on the Juke Music Streaming Service that is available via Windows 8.  The app gives the public access to millions of tracks yet costs a mere 9.99 Euros per month.  Its legal and it’s advertising free and unlike some other stores out there, no extra software or players are required.  The owners of Juke claim that streams are exclusively in Dolby® Pulse format, that was specially developed to deliver the best sound quality at very low bit rates.