Environmental Policy

Horus Music is working towards ISO 14001.  We believe strongly in looking after our environment and the valuable resources our fragile world gives us.  We have a fully implemented environmental policy, but we don’t like to just talk and write about it, we do actually implement it and continue to monitor all that we do and ensure we are keeping our carbon footprint down to a minimum.

We welcome comments and questions about our policy.  Please see below examples of what we do:

1.      Horus Music is currently working towards a full paperless office.  There are some obstacles still causing us problems, but we are getting there using cloud technology.

2.      We are making full use of cloud technology in our daily work and have new cloud based systems in development to help our artists.

3.      We use external server providers who are 100% carbon neutral and members of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Partnership Program.

4.      We do not accept physical submissions of artist demos.  It’s not that we don’t want to listen, but often CD’s arrive in poor condition, not labelled correctly and don’t present the artist in the best light.  We use Sound Cloud and Sonic Bids to accept demo submissions and find this helps artists present themselves in a better light and ensures that no demo is mixed up with ‘live’ material we are currently working with.  It’s cheaper for the artist and no paper, CDs or air miles are used.

5.      Our heating equipment is brand new and fully in line with the latest EU laws and regulations.

6.      All waste produced is sorted and recycled.

7.      Out of work hours, electrical items are fully switched off including refrigerators.

8.      We have sourced excellent, brand new looking, recycled furniture.

9.      Physical releases are done using recycled material and we are trying to avoid the use of plastics in any release.

10.  We are working with our artists to ensure they are keeping their carbon footprint down to a minimum.

11.  Horus Music believes in supporting its local community and our country and attempts to source both staff and resources as locally as possible.  Part of our success with this policy is that most staff at Horus Music now either walk, cycle or use public transport when attending work.

12.  When we have to travel, we use public transport as often as possible.  For the majority of our meetings and work, we are now using public transport 90% of the time.

Horus Music will continue to work with Julies Bicycle the Music Industries environmental body to help us reach our target of becoming a very green environmental company.