Why Choose Horus Music

10 reasons why you should choose Horus Music Distribution:

We believe we know our competition well and can be truthful when we say we believe Horus Music is the top music distributor.  We can say this because:

  1. Free global music distribution.  We have no fees for clients who don’t want to pay an upfront fee (they will receive 80% of their royalties), or we have a small one-off fee for clients who would prefer to receive 100% of their royalties.
  2. Fast delivery.  Your music is typically available in the major stores within 24 hours of delivery.
  3. Monthly payouts.  Our payments are made securely through Western Union, we pay our royalties monthly. Make sure you sign up to Western Union as part of the sign up process. Horus Music is the fastest payer of musical royalties around.
  4. Transparent.  Each deal at Horus Music, and the accounting to artists and labels, is fully transparent. Our contract is available here.
  5. Non exclusive.  All of our deals are non exclusive.
  6. Simple contract.  We don’t believe in using language that makes you believe you are getting something better than what you really are, or use confusing words or paragraphs.  We have no hidden or annual fees either.
  7. Quality.  Horus Music believes in quality:  Quality help, quality service to you and quality to your customers; this is at the heart of everything we do.
  8. Direct contracts.  Our contracts are direct with stores, giving us a competitive advantage over many of our competitors.
  9. Marketing expertise.  Once Horus Music have distributed your music to online stores, we are still here to help you with your marketing and release planning and can help you run a campaign in support of your upcoming release.
  10. Watching out for you. We don’t distribute music to some music stores.  Some stores are not trustworthy and don’t pay out their royalties when they promise. We have even taken legal action against some of these stores in the past and obtained artists’ royalties that were previously held back.