Why Choose Horus Music

20 reasons why you should choose Horus Music Distribution.

We believe we know our competition well and can be truthful when we say we believe Horus Music is the top music distributor.  We can say this because:

  1. Free music distribution.  We have no sign up fees for those who don’t want to pay, or a small sign up for fee for those wanting to earn a 100% royalty.
  2. Global distribution.  We are global in our delivery of music, not just focused on stores in the United States of America.
  3. No unnecessary fees.  We do not charge for take down requests (if your release has been up more than three months), pre order requests or YouTube Content ID or have annual fees.  The other stores may not advertise their annual fees, but when you dig deep into the site they are there and if you don’t pay up, they take down your music.
  4. Better royalty rates from stores.  Horus Music gets your music into all the best stores and at the best rates, often at rates better than many of our competitors.
  5. Quick payment of royalties.  We don’t hold on to your royalties from stores.  Some of our competitors put your royalties into a saving account and then keep the interest from that.  Those companies take away your right to that interest.  They still charge you for the service or the agreed % of royalties.  We don’t believe that is right.  We pay you straight away.
  6. No minimum pay out.  If you only earn 1 cent or 1 penny, we pay you that income.
  7. Best rates to clients.  We offer independent labels some of the best rates around as well as a very competitive structure to artists.
  8. Monthly payments.  We pay monthly, and within 45 days of the month ending.  We don’t make you wait a quarter and we don’t make you wait another 45 or 30 days after accounting before you get paid.  You get paid the same day you get your royalty statement.  Horus Music is the fastest payer of musical royalties around.
  9. Transparent.  The deals at Horus Music and the accounting to artists is transparent.
  10. Hands on.  We have dedicated professionals on hand to help you.  We don’t hide behind generic webforms.  We are easy to make contact with and always happy to speak to you on the phone.
  11. Saves you money. No matter how big or small you are, we can save you money.  We have the accounting and delivery infrastructure in place so that you don’t need to.
  12. Cutting edge technology.  We have invested heavily in technology to ensure your experience is as easy as possible.  This is ongoing especially in our delivery of music to stores using the latest DDEX specifications and accounting to ensure we can give you as much information as possible within the fastest time.
  13. Non exclusive.  Our deals are non exclusive.
  14. Professional.  Staff at Horus Music are experienced in various parts of the industry, that is why we can claim we are a fully 360 degree music company.  We know what we are doing.
  15. Quality.  Horus Music believes in quality:  Quality help, quality service to you and quality to your customers.  It is for that reason we don’t accept MP3 files because they would have to be expanded back to WAV format (and you lose all the quality because of its previous compression when you turn it back to WAV).  Why take a file that is compressed, convert it and then convert it to the various formats needed?  Your customers are not getting the best possible quality music.  We take your original WAV file music (the cleanest and best file) and then convert to store requirements meaning there are no unnecessary conversions or compressions and your clients can enjoy the best experience possible.
  16. Simple contract.  We don’t believe in using language that makes you believe you are getting something better than what you really are, or use confusing words or paragraphs.  Our competitors may like to make you believe you’re getting something special, but it usually is not and that is why the language they use is never specific or ever goes into details.  We are happy to go into details as we have nothing to hide.
  17. Marketing expertise.  Once Horus Music have distributed your music to online stores, we are still here to help you with your marketing and release planning.  There is no charge for that.  We even have a free blog you can access for lots of information.
  18. Direct contracts.  Our contracts are direct with stores, giving us a competitive advantage over many of our competitors.
  19. Hundreds of stores.   When you distribute your music with Horus Music, you can be assured your music is going to an extensive music network.
  20. Watching out for you.  We don’t distribute music to some music stores.  Some stores are not trustworthy, don’t pay bills or don’t account when they promise, therefore we will not send your music to those stores.   We have in the past taken legal action against these stores and obtained artists’ royalties, but once we go down that route, we will not send them any more music for your protection.  We know most of our competitors don’t even chase up late royalties or litigate against companies who don’t pay, but to us, that is not right or what our artists and labels expect.