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  1. Want To Know Who The Best Digital Distribution Company Is? Horus Music Respond

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    Ari Herstand recently wrote a post on Digital Music News that compared 7 different digital distribution companies.

    In this post, Ari left out the digital distribution companies that only work with labels, and wanted to include the companies that allow anyone to sign up to their services. While this was a very well balanced and interesting article, we couldn’t help notice a certain distributor that had been left out, despite meeting the above criteria:  Horus Music Limited.

    The Comparison

    Horus Music was incorporated in 2006 by musician Nick Dunn and has since grown to become one of the biggest independent distributors in the UK.

    Nick had previously been frustrated by other distributors that were currently in the market place and decided that he could do a better job of it himself and quickly obtained direct contracts with stores with the main aim of providing the best possible service for clients.

    Here’s a breakdown as to why we think we should be considered when preparing your next release for distribution:

    • We have been around for 8 years and so we have a proven track record with our clients.
    • Distribution to over 600 stores around the world including many in local territories that are often ignored, such as Japan, Korea and South America.
    • We also have a physical distribution package so clients can have their CD/Vinyl available in stores.
    • No yearly or hidden fees – sign up to your chosen package and then pay nothing further.
    • No additional fees for sending to other stores and music is automatically sent to new stores as we obtain contracts with them.
    • Next day reports for iTunes, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon MP3, and Spotify so you are kept informed of the progress of your release.
    • Distribute an unlimited number of songs with our free distribution package.
    • Simple to use ‘Client Zone’ for building your release with step-by-step tool-tips.
    • Easy to contact either via phone or email with 24/7 support available.
    • Free to add an iTunes booklet or set up a pre-order.
    • All of our contracts are direct with stores and we do not use middlemen.
    Comparison of digital music distribution music companies

    Comparison of digital music distribution music companies


    Written by Nikki Halliwell

  2. Horus Music at AIM Music Connected

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    On the 30th April, Nikki and Nina headed down to Glaziers Hall in London for the 12th annual Music Connected event, which is run by AIM (Association of Independent Music). In a nutshell, Music Connected is a leading one-day digital music trade fair.

    Music Ally

    There were 3 main spaces over 2 floors at the event, each with a slightly different focus. The first was the ‘Digital Market Place’ where 16 companies showcased their services and products to rest of the industry attendees and provides a change for businesses to look at how they can help each other. The second was the ‘Conference Zone’ and had a variety of programmes, workshops and presentations covering current issues and topics relating to the music industry. The final space was for informal meetings and networking and was conveniently located next to the bar.

    I attended panels discussing the benefits and downfalls of selling products and merchandise directly to the fans through the artists website and even had Chris Batten from Enter Shikari on the panel. This was then followed by a presentation on the ‘Long-term View of Streaming and Its Impact on the Record Label Business Model’. The presentation was given by Karim Fanous from Music Ally and asked what are we selling; how are we marketing what we’re selling; and are we thinking clearly? Using research and lots of graphs, Karim was able to outline Music Ally’s long term view for streaming. Some of the problems outlined were that as a while, the major labels are taking over the streaming platforms and leaving the indie labels struggling to some degree. Part of this problem is the fact that not all of the territories that use steaming are at the same point in the transition process.

    It is also worthwhile to remember that Spotify is not the only streaming service available, and despite the fact that KK Box is not the biggest platform in the UK, it is not one that should be ignored.

    As a whole, Music Connected was a great event and signalled the beginning of a few busy and exciting weeks for Horus Music. While there, we were even able to catch up with our friends over at the BPI Anti-Piracy Unit as well as make new friends like Audio Salad and psonar.

    Written by Nikki Halliwell – Client Manager


  3. Horus Music announces its Partnership with SoundCloud

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    Clients of Horus Music will have the ability to have additional tools added to their SoundCloud account due to this special partnership between Horus Music and SoundCloud.  Artists and labels and no extra cost will have the ability to have the following:

    Delivery of content for fingerprinting

    This means we will be delivering your catalogue to SoundCloud for content fingerprinting. The purpose of this is to stop those that have no right uploading your content to their SoundCloud profiles. Content which is recognized as part of the Horus Music catalogue gets blocked when uploaded to a SoundCloud profile that has not been “whitelisted” by us (info on whitelisting below). You will be able to unblock content if you find it is being used legitimately.

    Rights management tools


    Currently we can whitelist SoundCloud profiles belonging to our artists, labels and distributed labels: this allows account holders to upload their own content without having it blocked by SoundCloud’s content ID system. To obtain whitelisted status please contact your Horus Music representative.


    If you find a profile that contains your content without having obtained the necessary licenses we can also issue a takedown notice using SoundCloud’s CMS system.

    Access to exclusive partner tools


    You will be able to schedule when your content is to go live on SoundCloud. For example, if you are unavailable to manually make a track public you can upload the content and schedule it to go live at a specified date and time.


    You can lock your content so it can only be viewable, and played within certain territories. Useful if you have staggered release dates in different territories, or if you only own the rights for a certain territory.

    Domain locking

    You can lock your players / widgets to specific websites so they cannot be shared and played from any other websites. Go to and log in with your account info, you can set limitations so that your content can only played from the domain/s you allow.

    How do I take part?

    New clients to Horus Music will have these made available to them regardless of which digital music delivery package they choose, free or paid up front.  To take part, sign up now.