A New Festival is Coming to Town

A new festival is taking over Leicester and it’s ready to blow everyone away. This new festival goes by the name TDM (which stands for Truly Diverse Music) and it’s allows you to be introduced to world music and to celebrate it all at once. The festival is taking place inside the Cultural Quarter in […]

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An Introduction to the Music Industry – Part 2

Catch up on part 1 here and find out how you can make money from the rights you own. Live Performance Unlike copyright, which can be harder to understand, the are two other forms of revenue streams that artists will use. These two forms of making money are Live Performance and Fan Relationship. To make […]

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An Introduction to the Music Industry – Part 1

The music industry can be a mysterious place. It’s important to what what each area of the industry does and how you can earn a living. Intellectual Property Intellectual property is based around Copyright. Copyright is present in all forms of intellectual property, from film to music to journalism. Although the specifics can vary from […]

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