Package description

Global representation at Midem festival

Become a global music artist and receive professional representation at Midem which is the largest business to business music industry event in the world.

Be represented by a company with a long history of attendance at Midem and is known and trusted in the industry; we will be able to get you appointments that you as an artist just wouldn’t be able to get.

What is the Midem Package?

  • An electronic press kit including your music, videos and bio etc is created for you.
  • The EPK is professionally packaged and tailor made.
  • This EPK will be presented to numerous record labels, publishers, tour managers and business executives.
  • Your music is introduced to leading music executives.
  • Horus Music represents you at meetings.
  • A full report is given to you which consists of who was contacted, what meetings were held and what the outcomes were along with further information to help you follow up with potential deals.

No other company offers a deal like this or is as transparent.

Other similar offers:

There are some companies and individuals that promise to promote you at Midem but fail to deliver any results.  The reason behind this, and what makes us different, is they are not representing you, they put one track on a  poor-quality CD that doesn’t represent you, e.g. printed at home or office and not professionally manufactured. We have also found they don’t hold the meetings you’re looking for, follow up with the people they do meet and do not give you a fully transparent report at the end.  That is what makes us different and why we continue to have success. 

Important Legal Information:

  1. We are not selling or giving away your music to the public.
  2. You are not granting us rights to your music, so we have no ownership.
  3. This is a none exclusive deal.
  4. This package is for one Midem only.
  5. You keep 100% of any deals done.
  6. A full record of meetings and contacts is given to you once we have followed up with all contacts.  This will take up to 6 weeks after the Midem event.