Mastered for Apple iTunes

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Package description

What is Mastered for iTunes?

Mastered for iTunes is a new standard of high quality audio by Apple. To have your releases and tracks marked and shown on the Apple Store as Mastered for iTunes you need to have your music mastered by an Apple approved mastering engineer. Horus Music is proud to be partners with an Apple approved mastering engineer and can arrange the seamless high definition mastering of your release before delivering it to Apple.

What do you get?

Each track will be mastered and mastered to the level approved by Apple that it will have the added status of Mastered for iTunes.

How do I deliver the tracks to you?

Sign up in the usual way and also choose your distribution package.  Upload your music to our portal and we’ll then immeidately inform our mastering engineer.  Once the tracks are mastered, we will recieve them back and continue with the delivery process on your behalf.  We will also ensure the mastered tracks are sent back to you too.

What format do you require for Mastered for iTunes mastering?

WAV file.

24 bit, and 96K or above (for mastering for iTunes it must be a 24 bit original – not upscaled).

For normal mastering it can be 16 bit, 44.1K.  However this will will not give you Mastered for iTunes status.

Important points to note:

The cost of this package is per track, therefore if you have ten tracks in a release, you need to choose ten in quantity. You also need to choose your delivery product on top of this package.