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  1. What Happens to My Release?

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    What happens to my release blog

    Music Release

    When you submit your release through the client zone, it can often be confusing what takes place on our end to check over the submitted release and deliver it to stores. This blog will cover the process of what happens when you submit your release, and how we make sure the release is ready to go to stores.

    When you submit a release, it will appear in a list of releases on the client zone that our team then work through in order of when the release was submitted. The release is downloaded from the client zone and the team listen to the music, checking that the audio quality is up to standard using specialised audio checking software. What is mainly checked for is whether the bit rate is 16 or 24 bit, the track is in 2 channel stereo, and that the sample rate of the music is 44.1KHz, as this is the standard audio fidelity for modern music. Finally, we check if the release contains any explicit content and whether this is stated in the release. If the music meets this, we then look at the artwork.

    With artwork there are a few different specs that we look for. Firstly, the artwork must be relevant to the release and should state the correct track and artist name. We then check the dimensions of the artwork, as stores require album art to be a minimum of 3000 x 3000 pixels and must be square. We also check that the resolution of the image is correct. Stores ask for a minimum resolution of 300 DPI or pixels per inch. If your artwork meets all of these specs, it is good to go!

    CD Rainbow

    The final and most important part of any release we check is the metadata. There are several fields that must be formatted in a very specific way in order for stores to accept it. For example, any album or track titles must be written with title casing. This means, for example, if a release is submitted with the name “Killing In The Name” the correct formatting would be to use capitals on regular words, meaning it would be “Killing in the Name”. This is also the same with the artist name, so with an artist like “Queens Of The Stone Age”, this must be written as “Queens of the Stone Age”.

    After checking that the barcode, ISRC code and territories fields are correct, we then check that the (P) Holder and (C) Holder information are correct at product level, in most cases this information should match up at track level too. This is the same for the label information and genre information for singles. Albums and EP’s can have different genre information at track level however.

    If all the product level information is correct, we check the track level information for title casing in the track names, as well as the track numbers being all correct. For track level genres, we check to make sure these match or are relevant to the product level genre information. If samples are used, the correct publishers must be credited or you must make sure that the sampled music is public domain to avoid infringement notices. Finally, we check that that any producers, mixers or other credits are listed in title casing. If every bit of metadata is ok, then your release is ready to be delivered!

    Video Release

    Video Camera

    For a video release, we check for only a specific set of things. Firstly, we will watch the video and make sure that if it contains explicit content, this is noted when delivering to VEVO. The video should generally be standard HD quality or minimum 480p for SD video, with 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio. We prefer video to be multi-pass encoded, with a native frame rate and in mp4 file format. In terms of the video itself, no title or end cards can be used, and the audio bit rate should be 320kbps with a 44.1KHz sample rate. There should also be no letter boxing or text overlays in the video unless it is a lyric video, in which case this must be clearly stated in the title.

    If the video is correct, we then make sure that the video thumbnail has the correct dimensions of 1920×1080 pixels. We then begin uploading the video to VEVO, filling in the appropriate information provided such, as the artist name, track name, VEVO channel and so on.

    Particular pieces of information we look for are that a VEVO channel has been listed or requested for us to create one. We also check that the channel name requested is relevant to the artist name. VEVO will not create channels that use label names as it is confusing for fans to find an artist  channel, and therefore we will ask you to change it.

    Once this is all correct we deliver the video for you. VEVO will not allow videos to be published if the thumbnail dimensions are incorrect, therefore it is very important that you get this right. Once delivery is completed with VEVO, your video should be visible on their website with a few hours.

  2. Gigs 24th April 2012

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    On the 24th April 2012, at the Musician, Leicester, Horus Music will be hosting a evening of acoustic music that will feature Kristy Gallagher, Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies, Bella McKendree and Courtney Askey.

    You can get a preview of the evenings artists here on YouTube:

  3. Gig on the 24th January 2012

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    On Tuesday the 24th of January Horus Music presents a night of original live music at the Musician. Performing on the night will be four of Leicester’s most up and coming and established artists Scott Adams, Wekie, Nancy Dawkins and Grace and the Magic Roots.

    Scott Adams is a singer/songwriter who has built up quite a reputation and following locally. Scott will open up the night and is accompanied on guitar by Carl Jenkins. 2012 promises to be a big year for Scott with the release of his debut EP.

    Weikie, also known as Adam Weikert, is primarily known for his drumming in local band ‘Her Name is Calla’. A proven multi-instrumentalist and seasoned live performer, Weikie has now emerged onto the local scene with a refocused sound as a folk based singer songwriter. A free single released at the start of January 2012 will be followed shortly by a full-length album that will only further demonstrate his unique talent.

    Nancy Dawkins is a singer-songwriter from Leicester who performs regularly on the local scene. Releasing her debut single Smoke/Inadequate last year Nancy gained regional and national radio play including Steve Lamacq’s BBC Radio 2 show. Nancy continues to gig locally whilst currently working on her debut album.

    Grace and the Magic Roots is an acoustic string quartet who is influenced from a mix of styles ranging from traditional inspired folk music and roots reggae. They will leave you somewhat bewildered and mystified but captivated at the same. The band is gearing up to release their debut album in 2012.

    Doors are at 8PM
    Admission is £5
    The Musician, Clyde Street, Leicester