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  1. Google’s Big News Day

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    Yesterday Google announced three new portable devices. The Nexus comes in small, medium and large, and all run Android 4.2. The updated OS includes new features, as well as the latest version of Google Now. Although there are no groundbreaking achievements in the new range of products, they’re certainly exciting. By combining the user-friendly operating system with high spec hardware, Google are certainly making their territory in the industry.

    The smallest device, the Nexus 4, is a powerful new smartphone.  Developed alongside LG, the phone has a quad-core processor, 4.7’’ 320 ppi display, and wireless charging; all features that make it stand out proudly amongst its competition. With the popular ‘Google Now’ function being given extra functionality, the phone is likely to be a big hit with Android users, although whether it will be able to tear consumers away from their current favourite brand is yet to be seen. The newly implemented panorama feature allows users to take a number of photographs around 360 degrees, and convert this into one ‘panoramic’ photo shot.

    The medium sized device, named Nexus 7, is designed to incorporate the functionality of a tablet, but with a size reduction. The Nexus 7 should fit comfortably in your hand, and has the optional add-on of 3G, however, this will cost you a premium. Given that most tablets are sleek and portable anyway, it’s yet to be seen if this is an innovative product, or just a less powerful, cheaper, alternative to the bigger tablet.

    The Nexus 10 is the biggest device. It’s clearly aimed to be the king of the tablet world, boasting a high resolution 10.055’’ at 300ppi, 9 hours of battery life during video playback, 500 hours of standby battery life, and front-facing stereo speakers. Perhaps the most enticing new feature is the possibility for multiple users to use the same tablet. On the Nexus 10, there is a user change system on the lock screen, so everybody can have their own home page, high scores, and private access to emails, apps, and documents.

    All three of the new devices will be available in the UK from November 13th, just in time for some Christmas shopping. The smartphone has a maximum memory of 16GB, whereas the two tablet devices offer maximum storage of 32GB. Prices were only confirmed in dollars in Google’s blog post, but will definitely hear more news in the coming days. With Christmas just around the corner, will Google be able to force their way into the Windows, Blackberry, or Apple markets? The iPad has dominated tablet sales thus far, but competition has driven prices down, and Apple may find that their hardware isn’t worth what it was two years ago.