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  1. Looking for a manager?

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    Horus Music is about to embark on the search for a new artist or band to manage.  If you are seeking a manager, then please read our information page about the process and the drop us an email with your details.  We look forward to hearing from you.

    It is a great privilege to be able to manage a musician or band.  A great sense of achievement can be had watching the musician or group of musicians grow in terms of ability and profile and in the end reach their ultimate goal.  For us here at Horus Music we take artist management seriously and will only ever formally manage a small number of chosen artists because a lot of time and dedication is needed and having too many artists will not give us the time needed to invest in you.  It is true that we help all the artists on our roster including those who are distributed by us and do what we can to help them, but the deal is different which is an important difference to understand.

    We are looking for a new artist or band to work with and ultimately manage.  We don’t just jump at the first artist we like, we spend time getting to know you and you know us.  For us it’s vital that a solid relationship is built before we embark upon the long journey of music management.  We also need to spend time getting to know you, your music and your fan base and this cannot be done overnight.

    The process for us to consider you for management is clear and simple and we’ve set it out below as we believe in transparency.

    • Staff from Horus Music will come to your gigs and watch you set up, perform, pack away and interact with your fans.
    • We will probably be following you on various social forums, but you won’t know it’s us following you.  We want to see you being active, interacting with fans, building a genuine relationship with them.
    • If after coming to several gigs we decide we really like you and your music we will approach you and set up a meeting.
    • A period of time will be spend helping you but more importantly getting to know you.  We want to see in this time how responsive you are, how much you help yourself, how hard you work, what your ambitions are, what drives you and what kind of a person you are.  It is also an important time for both of us to see if we can help each other.
    • Many people approach music companies expecting money to be invested in them.  Lets be upfront about this, it’s our investment fund and it’s a gamble.  No matter how good the music and profile is, a lot of investment could be lost and unlike the bank, a music company is not going to take your house off you.  We have to work hard and be very careful to try and avoid our investment becoming a loss.  We invest in you because we believe in you, but in the end, this is still a business and everyone needs to eat and pay their bills including you and we want you to be able to earn a living from this.
    • We will initially work in a formal way with you via our distribution deals.  By doing this we get to really see how each other works under a formal contract.  If we still like each other and have even more enthusiasm, then a management deal will be on the table.

    If you believe you are the artist / band that has drive and will do what it takes to win, then contact us with a link to your website where we can read about you, listen to your music and see your gig listings.  If your website is out of date then it will not make a good impression so keep it fresh and up to date.