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  1. Nina Condron’s experience of representing artists at Midem

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    Midem in a nutshell


    Whilst working at Horus Music as Client Manager a considerable amount of my time has been spent ensuring that Midem was as successful as it could be. This involved late nights and early mornings trawling through music sites such as ‘reverb nation’ and ‘sound cloud’ finding the most talented, hardworking and professional artists that didn’t currently have representation.

    With the birth of the internet and advances in technology it has made it extremely easy and cheap for bands to record their own tracks and produce their own videos etc, this is not a negative phenomenon however it does mean that the music industry is over-saturated with artists and bands all looking for that big break. It is impossible for music industry executives to listen to all of the music that has ever been created and so Horus Music provided artists and bands with a platform in which to get exposure, through representation at Midem.

    British music at Midem

    Midem is the worlds leading business-to-business music event with: labels, publishers, tech companies, brands, music supervisors and managers all attending. At Midem we already have a vast network of contacts, which is ever growing (as shown by the amount of business cards I came back with!) That’s what Midem is all about, it’s about networking and forming new partnerships with music companies from around the world.

    At Midem we represented the artists by creating a bespoke electronic press kit (DVD) containing their music, pictures videos, press cuttings and a biography. This press kit was then personally shown and handed over to various targeted industry professionals that I had spent a considerable amount of time arranging meetings with, in the hope that they can see the promise in the artist and decide to work with them. Anyone who is anyone from the music industry is together once a year in the same place at Midem meaning we can provide artists and bands with unparalleled exposure to help them get the deals they deserve.

    Nina at Brands and Fans

    In terms of my Midem experience, I broke 3 umbrellas (take note it is false economy to buy cheap umbrellas!) I lost my voice from the amount that I talked to people, I came home and was rather ill from the lack of sleep, lack of healthy food and possibly due to alcohol consumption. But I had some extremely productive meetings, attended 1 or 2 very interesting seminars and met some invaluable contacts! Whilst also helping artists in the process. Now it is just a case of waiting to see if all our hard work has paid off!

    If you think you’ve got what it takes and would like us to represent you at Midem visit: ‘www.horusmusic.co.uk‘ to find out more information.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this & I look forward to hopefully working with you in the future.

    Midem see you next year

    By Nina Condron

  2. Midem 2012

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    At the end of January, staff from Horus Music attended Midem, the world’s largest gathering of music industry folk.  The event is held in Cannes and is just like the film festival, but just for music.  A large number of people attend and this year that spread included representation from 78 different countries.  Over 3000 different companies attended and they included people from labels, both major and independent, music publishers, artist managers, distributors, promoters, booking agents, accountant and lawyers and digital services who offer great tools to artists.

    Staff at Horus Music have been attending Midem for a number of years now and yes each year you see a different focus and lots of new faces as well as many of the old faces.  Its always great to catch up with people you haven’t seen for a year or two and meet new people who in the future could be potential business partners.  I still get a great kick out of Midem just like it was my first time.  There is no question about hard work, you have to work hard before the event, during the event and after but the hard work does pay of for us and our artists.

    At my first Midem many years ago I thought I would come home with loads of contracts in the suite case and it was going to be easy.  That was so wrong and it’s the same in today’s market.  Many years ago, deals may have been done quickly, but there were less artists aiming for the top whereas today there is a great choice of talent but less money to invest so rightfully you have to be very careful before you invest.  Setting yourself up in your home territory is vitally important because if you cannot make any noise at home, you have no chance overseas. Midem will quickly teach you that if you haven’t already understood that concept.

    This year we produced a DVD and included 11 wonderful artists that we wanted to present to our international contacts at Midem.  Getting feedback is so vital and even if the feedback is not what you wanted, it is so valuable and important, you would be a fool to ignore it.  The work goes on and will do for the rest of the year with the continuing of the conversations we began in Cannes. There are so many opportunities there at Midem and it only takes one to suddenly change the world for that artists.  I love speaking to people I have not met and giving them our music because you just never know what may happen next.

    The number of artists going to Midem increases year by year.  Midem is difficult because the event is more business orientated unlike other conferences that are more of a performing festival and little business discussed.   However I do believe artists can get success there, they just have to remember that Midem is about business and deals get done or at least started here.  All our international opportunities are attributed to Midem for which we are grateful and without having Midem as the starting block, we would not have met great people, put our case to them, or got our music heard.  Artists need to do the same, and if they do, they will go far.

    See you at Midem 2013. If you want to be in the music industry, then you have to be on the pitch to play the game.