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  1. Horus Artist is YouTube Featured Artist

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    Birmingham folk artist Ben Calvert (Label Bohemian Jukebox, distributed by Horus Music) has his latest video Valpolicella Girl featured on the front page of Google YouTube today.  This week Ben is releasing his new single and is actively marketing the release with a UK wide tour and of supportive press and radio play.  Speaking about this wonderful surprise Ben said “Fantastic news, that’s made my day”.  Nick Dunn, CEO of Horus Music said “Ben has worked very hard in marketing himself and been very thorough.  Its with that kind of attention to detail as well as producing a quality product that made it possible for us to ask Google YouTube for marketing support and show them what the artist was doing to help himself.  We are very grateful and pleased with this success and have seen already in a short time the number of views rocket and this only continues to prove to us the importance of producing a good video and working along side our colleagues at YouTube.”

    All artists who are distributed through Horus Music have the ability to be featured on Google YouTube and other services around the world.  If your interested in being distributed by Horus Music and taking advantage of such high level marketing, then do contact us for more information.

  2. Folk Night – 19th October 2011

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    We’re kicking off this last quarter of the year with an acoustic gig at the Musician pub, Leicester. Headlining will be the very popular Elizabeth Cornish with support from Ben Calvert and The Swifts, Martin Luke Brown and Nancy Dawkins.

    Doors will be at 20:00 and the first act will be on at 20:30. Tickets cost £5.00 however NUS holders will get in for £4.00.

    You can pre-book you tickets here.

    These midweek performances always prove to be popular, a great way to relax and avoid the rubbish on television whilst enjoying a nice glass of wine or pint of beer.

    If you are interested in performing at one of our events, contact us and send us a link to your website.