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  1. Midem 2012

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     For the sixth year running Horus Music is attending Midem.  Midem is where the world music industry gather to do business, exchange and debate ideas and network  / meet new people and  meet up with old contacts.  When you want to licence your music, publish your music, distribute it, find a music manager, get a tour or play in a particular country, basically anything to develop your musical career around the world, or find out what new services are out there, Midem is the place to be.

    By Horus Music being an established company and by going to Midem each year for the last six years, Horus Music has developed a network of great contacts from all aspects of the music industry.  The first year you go, it’s all daunting and you don’t know many people, but each time you go back, you meet more and more and get to know who the real good business people are and who are the hoping to make a quick buck (luckily because of the cost and commitment needed for Midem, there are not many of those).  Trust is very important and because we keep going back it shows we’re a business that is not going away as well as our trust builds as many companies around the world are doing great business with us and word does spread.

    We are very much looking forward to Midem this year and have a great number of artists we are representing to help further their careers.  If you are attending Midem and would like to meet up with us, please do email us or come and say hello, we’ll be on the UKTI / UK / BPI stand.