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  1. Horus Music welcomes PPL and PRS for Music move

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    PRS and PPL Leicester move

    Earlier this week it was announced that Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) and PRS for Music will be moving their national headquarters from London to Leicester city centre.

    Their new joint venture will begin around July 2017 and will be based in Mercury Place.

    Here at Horus Music we are very excited about this move to join us in Leicester. This has been our home for almost 10 years now and amongst the vibrant music that is played here we enjoy the Midland Mainline service meaning it takes us less than an hour to get into London city centre; less time than many those that are based around London itself.

    We have been partners with both PRS for Music and PPL for many years, and we have seen the benefits that their service provides to our many independent artists and record label clients, which includes the licensing of musical composition and lyrics on behalf of songwriters, composers and publishers as well as the licensing of recorded music for record companies and performers which is played in public or in digital media.

    CEO and Managing Director of Horus Music, Nick Dunn, adds: We’re very happy to see that more and more companies are realising that there are opportunities for business, especially in the music industry, that are available outside of London and have the additional benefit of being both financially and environmentally friendly. We welcome PPL and PRS for Music to such a diverse and growing city.”

    Everyone at Horus Music looks forward to many more years of a successful partnership with both of these companies and hope that our relationship with grow even further as we work together in the city of Leicester to help the musicians, songwriters and record labels of Leicestershire and beyond.

  2. SoundCloud’s Subscription Service

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    SoundCloud have unveiled their very own subscription service that is now available to both music creators and listeners: Soundcloud Go.

    Frequent users of the existing SoundCloud service will notice that the main service remains the same, but now has an expanded catalogue of tracks, along with some new features and functionalities too.

    Soundclous'd Subscription Service

    What’s The Difference?

    • More music – SoundCloud are using the phrase “From Top-40 to the underground” to illustrate their expanded catalogue, providing users with access to music from the biggest names in the industry to new and up-and-coming artists.
    • Offline – Listen to music on your mobile device without an internet connection.
    • Ad-free – Enjoy an uninterrupted ad-free listening experience.

    SoundCloud have arranged licensing agreements with UMG, Sony, Merlin and Warner, amongst others, meaning that users can now listen to more tracks than ever before through SoundCloud Go.

    Not only can you save tracks so that you can listen to them offline, but you can enable a function that allows you to automatically save all of your current and future like and playlists so that they will automatically become available for offline listening.

    Listeners can also completely remove audio and display ads so that nothing will disrupt their listening experience.

    What’s The Cost?

    SoundCloud are offering a free 30-day trial of SoundCloud Go (available here) or through the app. After the 30-days runs out, the subscription is $9.99 per month (or $12.99 per month if purchased through the iOS app) with the ability to cancel anytime.

    What About My Music?

    For the artists creating the music, SoundCloud’s discovery features mean that your tracks can quite easily end up next up in the play queue next to some of the biggest names in the industry.

    Your listening statistics will still receive a boost regardless of whether or not they are listened to online or offline and your account will remain free to use. You can also choose to exclude your tracks from offline listening in the edit menu of nay track.

    To get involved with Soundcloud Go, make sure you fill out your profile information on the Client Zone and be sure to include your Soundcloud URL when asked.

    SoundCloud Go is only currently available in the USA (and it’s territories), UK (and it’s territories), and Ireland but is expected to roll out to other countries later in the year.

    Update on 10th May 2016: Soundcloud Go is now available in France.

    Update on 14th September 2016: Soundcloud Go is now available in Australia and New Zealand.

    Update on 19th October 2016: Soundcloud Go is now available in Canada.

  3. The Digital Revolution – 5 Reasons Why You Need to Sell Your Music Online

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    Literally everything is online nowadays, and if you don’t start to accept that now and take advantage of the wonders of modern technology you and your music could get left in the dark. Imagine living your whole life in a house but never once stepping out to explore the world outside and all the possibilities it brings. The house represents the older traditional methods of selling music and the world outside the front door represents all that the digital age has to offer. 

    why you should sell your music online

    • New sales models such as BandCamp’s ‘name your price’ model can actually earn you more than traditional pricing strategies. Handing the responsibility of naming the price of an album over to the consumer often leads to consumers paying above and beyond the RRP of the album, as research now shows. This unique strategy can only be found online; can you really imagine a record shop allowing you to name your price for their goods?
    • Once you’ve put all the necessary work into promoting yourself – using every social network available to you to gain awareness and get your music out there – then you really are missing a trick if your music isn’t available to buy online. The truth is we as consumers are lazy. If we listen to a song we like on Soundcloud and decide that we want it, we want it there and then. Music consumers are so bombarded with choice today that if you manage to gain their attention, you need people to act on it as soon as possible. Chances are consumers will not want to wait until the next time they’re near a record shop to buy your music, they will want to go straight from Soundcloud ,or wherever they found you, straight to the website that sells that track.
    • It’s all happening online! The internet allows word of mouth to spread like wildfire in ways that would not have been possible before. All these people connected by the internet, sharing, liking and talking about music – you’re missing out hugely if you do not give them easy access to your music too.
    • Making you and your music more accessible to fans by having it available online creates a more personal experience between you and the fans. Simply having an online presence that fans can interact with, whether that be an Instagram account, Twitter profile or website, allows fans to engage with you on a more personal level. They can favourite your tweet in the same way they can favourite their friends’ and feel like they are personally involved with you. This personal experience can often mean that fans are more loyal and more willing to part with money for your music. So make it easy for them to do so. Get your music available to buy online and promote it on all of your accounts.
    • Probably the most obvious reason to sell online is the fact that compared to physical sales it is a lot cheaper and gives you the chance to sell to a global market. If you wanted your album pressed and delivered to physical stores all over the world you would need a large sum of money. Selling your music online allows you to tap the global market for very minimal costs. Ultimately, if you do not sell your music online in such a vast industry, you are making yourself less competitive in the global market.

     All this possibility at your fingertips (quite literally a click away) – utilise it!