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  1. 6 Totally Overlooked Ways to Get Paid For Your Music

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    The current state of the music industry means that in order to sell yourself, you’re gonna need to know how to promote your music.

    Here’s some of the most overlooked ways to get paid for your music.

    6 Totally Overlooked Ways to Get Paid For Your Music

    1. Join An Organisation

    Did you know that every time you hear music in a lift the artist who made it is getting paid? Now I’m not saying go out and make lift music (but if you’d like to, go ahead). What you should do is get involved with the organisations that take care of royalties for artists.

    In the US it’s ASCAP. In Canada it’s SOCAN. In the UK it’s PRS for Music. But most major countries have services that take care of royalties for artists.

    2. Get In Syncs

    Syncs, sometimes called placements, refer to the music used in other media like TV shows, movies, or commercials. Placements are usually arranged through music supervisors or placement agents and use sound libraries to find music for their projects.

    One of the best sites for starting out with Syncs is Versus Media. They put artists in touch with smaller TV and film projects that needs music. Plus it’s free to join. Pump Audio is also great for placements. Just submit 2 tracks to get ‘green lighted’ then upload as much as you want to their library. Alternatively, get in touch with us here at Horus Music to find out more about the opportunities we offer.

    3. Invest In Yourself

    There’s ton’s of ways to spend a bit to make A LOT. Pretty much everything on this list is going to take a bit of capital to get going—making t-shirts, pressing records and all the other obvious costs. But the easiest and best way to invest in your music is to make sure it’s sounding the absolute best before you start shopping it around.

    Invest in good audio mastering. It’s essential to make sure your music is going to sound perfect in all playback situations.

     4. YouTube Content ID

    YouTube is the #1 music streaming service on the internet. It beats iTunes, Spotify, and Tidal for total streams no problem.

    If your music gets uploaded you should be getting paid for it. YouTube has a a system called Content ID that finds exactly where your song is being used on YouTube.  If it finds your music somewhere and you are the copyright owner you can choose to monetise it by placing ads on the video. It’s like having your own little Youtube booking agent.

    Find out more about Youtube Content ID here, or even here.

    merch5. Rolling In The Merch

    Merchandise is a sure thing. But it’s also becoming a lost art. Whether it’s selling t-shirts and records at a show, or selling your shoes on Ebay, merch is a great (and affordable) way to make some pretty sweet dough.

    Fans want something authentic that comes from the artist—something a digital stream can’t often do. So give them the option. It doesn’t have to be in person either. Sites like BigCartel and Bandcamp give artists the stress-free tools they need to sell merch.

    6. Super-Fans

    The most valuable currency in music isn’t money. It’s fandom. Nurturing super fans is tough work. But it will pay off the most in the end. It means being a human first and an aspiring musician second.

    Super-fans truly love your music and will support it in any way that they can. So talk to your fans and meet them face-to-face, be there when they contact you. One of the best things for DIY music promotion is real, genuine fan/artist relationships. So build them.

    Mo’ Money, Less Problems

    Now that you have some extra cash flow, the best thing you should do is re-invest into your project. Keep an artist fund that you only touch when you have to. Save it up and use it wisely to grow your project even more.

  2. The Digital Revolution – 5 Reasons Why You Need to Sell Your Music Online

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    Literally everything is online nowadays, and if you don’t start to accept that now and take advantage of the wonders of modern technology you and your music could get left in the dark. Imagine living your whole life in a house but never once stepping out to explore the world outside and all the possibilities it brings. The house represents the older traditional methods of selling music and the world outside the front door represents all that the digital age has to offer. 

    why you should sell your music online

    • New sales models such as BandCamp’s ‘name your price’ model can actually earn you more than traditional pricing strategies. Handing the responsibility of naming the price of an album over to the consumer often leads to consumers paying above and beyond the RRP of the album, as research now shows. This unique strategy can only be found online; can you really imagine a record shop allowing you to name your price for their goods?
    • Once you’ve put all the necessary work into promoting yourself – using every social network available to you to gain awareness and get your music out there – then you really are missing a trick if your music isn’t available to buy online. The truth is we as consumers are lazy. If we listen to a song we like on Soundcloud and decide that we want it, we want it there and then. Music consumers are so bombarded with choice today that if you manage to gain their attention, you need people to act on it as soon as possible. Chances are consumers will not want to wait until the next time they’re near a record shop to buy your music, they will want to go straight from Soundcloud ,or wherever they found you, straight to the website that sells that track.
    • It’s all happening online! The internet allows word of mouth to spread like wildfire in ways that would not have been possible before. All these people connected by the internet, sharing, liking and talking about music – you’re missing out hugely if you do not give them easy access to your music too.
    • Making you and your music more accessible to fans by having it available online creates a more personal experience between you and the fans. Simply having an online presence that fans can interact with, whether that be an Instagram account, Twitter profile or website, allows fans to engage with you on a more personal level. They can favourite your tweet in the same way they can favourite their friends’ and feel like they are personally involved with you. This personal experience can often mean that fans are more loyal and more willing to part with money for your music. So make it easy for them to do so. Get your music available to buy online and promote it on all of your accounts.
    • Probably the most obvious reason to sell online is the fact that compared to physical sales it is a lot cheaper and gives you the chance to sell to a global market. If you wanted your album pressed and delivered to physical stores all over the world you would need a large sum of money. Selling your music online allows you to tap the global market for very minimal costs. Ultimately, if you do not sell your music online in such a vast industry, you are making yourself less competitive in the global market.

     All this possibility at your fingertips (quite literally a click away) – utilise it!



  3. Facebook Plug-ins

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    There’s a new post now live on the Help For Bands website, Facebook Plug-ins. The article gives a few examples of Facebook tools out there to help bands sell material, promote themselves and attract new fans. Click the link below to have a look.

    Facebook Plug-ins