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  1. YouTube Art Tracks Explained

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    YouTube Art Tracks can be confusing, but they are essentially a YouTube version of a piece of music that they have automatically generated. Art Tracks are created so that YouTube has a complete music catalogue of all tracks they are sent. They are beneficial to artists because they help artists get their music in front of millions of YouTube users around the world – both free and premium users can stream tracks in this way.

     YouTube Art Tracks Explained

    One Art Track is created for every piece of music that is submitted and identified based on their ISRC code. Music can only be sent to YouTube to be made into an Art Track from a YouTube partner such as Horus Music.

    If multiple versions of a track with the same ISRC have been uploaded (for example, if the recording appears on multiple albums or as part of a compilation), YouTube creates the Art Track using the version with the earliest release date in each territory.

    Art Tracks will appear in the same places as other music videos, including album playlists and in search results.

    There is also a handy standalone app called YouTube Music (which is briefly explained in this video) that allows users to toggle between audio and video, this is useful if you want to save data or battery on your phone by opting for the audio streaming option which is also where Art Tracks will come in. If a recording already has a fully produced music video, the Art Track for that particular song will be unlisted and undiscoverable in search etc and the official music video will be used instead.

    YouTube Art Tracks ExampleYou’ve probably come across Art Tracks already without even realising it – an example of what they look like can be seen on the left, along with an explanation of the information that is displayed alongside them. They have a basic background with your artwork on one side and your metadata (artist name, track title and album name) on the other side. They allow artists to have their music seen and heard by more fans as well as providing them with an additional income stream. Royalties are earned whenever someone streams your Art Track on YouTube.

    When your music is streamed, you will receive a proportionate share of Art Tracks subscription revenue each month, which is based on terms that we have agreed with YouTube. It is likely that these payments from YouTube will change each month and is dependent on the amount of subscription revenue that YouTube receives on the whole and how many streams your received.

    It is worth noting that YouTube Art Tracks are only currently available in the US but are expected to launch elsewhere soon.



    What about YouTube Red?

    YouTube Red is a monthly subscription service that removes advertisements from all videos and the areas around them.

    YouTube Red is what YouTube Music Key would have become, but instead covers all videos on the YouTube platforms as opposed to just music and music videos. The YouTube Music app we mentioned earlier is also part of the YouTube Red subscription but doesn’t restrict any music content on the usual YouTube platform if you aren’t a subscriber.

    Through YouTube Red and the YouTube Music app subscribers have the ability to watch videos offline and can also continue to listen to the videos when they close the app or are using another app. Videos that you wish to watch offline are downloaded to your device and available to watch for up to 30 days without an internet connection, but you will not be able to like or comment on an offline video. Art Tracks are also included in YouTube Red subscriptions.

    Subscribers can access members-only original content as well as receive a free Google Play subscription; the opposite is also true, Google Play subscribers will receive a YouTube Red subscription for free too.

    YouTube Red is only currently available in the US but is expected to launch in other countries soon.

  2. Horus Artist is YouTube Featured Artist

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    Birmingham folk artist Ben Calvert (Label Bohemian Jukebox, distributed by Horus Music) has his latest video Valpolicella Girl featured on the front page of Google YouTube today.  This week Ben is releasing his new single and is actively marketing the release with a UK wide tour and of supportive press and radio play.  Speaking about this wonderful surprise Ben said “Fantastic news, that’s made my day”.  Nick Dunn, CEO of Horus Music said “Ben has worked very hard in marketing himself and been very thorough.  Its with that kind of attention to detail as well as producing a quality product that made it possible for us to ask Google YouTube for marketing support and show them what the artist was doing to help himself.  We are very grateful and pleased with this success and have seen already in a short time the number of views rocket and this only continues to prove to us the importance of producing a good video and working along side our colleagues at YouTube.”

    All artists who are distributed through Horus Music have the ability to be featured on Google YouTube and other services around the world.  If your interested in being distributed by Horus Music and taking advantage of such high level marketing, then do contact us for more information.