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  1. In The Press 2011

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    May 2011:

    Arts In Leicestershire


    Arts In Leicestershire feature Horus Music this month on their website and discuss what we do as a company and give you a slight insight as to where we are going.  Additionally the article gives the reader information about promotion and other aspects of the music industry like issues surrounding shelf space at HMV etc that any new band will find interesting and helpful.  To view the full article, click here.


    March 2011:

    Creative Leicestershire Logo

    In March 2011 Horus Music attended a winners party for all creative industry companies who had won the Creative Leicestershire Bursary.  As this was the end of the Creative Leicestershire Bursary, there was an award for the overall winner prize.  Although Horus Music didn’t win the overall winners prize, it did come second as “highly commended”.  This was a great honour for Horus Music to be recognised as a company that is progressing well since starting out four and a half years ago and more importantly is a business that is growing strongly and making a difference within the local economy.  The creative industries is not an easy sector to work in at any time and during a recession problems are even more difficult so to be recognised for our continued growth and strong business is a great achievement.

    During the event, CEO Nick Dunn stated that “Horus Music was highly honoured to receive such recognition from his contemporaries but it’s not done alone and the support of Creative Leicestershire is vital to any creative business in our area.  The support, work and advise from the Creative Leicestershire team is paramount and it is what has helped Leicestershire achieve a very high percentage of successful creative businesses within our community and why all of them have succeeded and not closed down unlike many in other areas of the country.  We are very lucky to have such a team who give free one to one business advice and any business who doesn’t use that resource is missing out.”

    To see the full press release, click here.


    February 2011:

    Creative Leicestershire LogoIn February 2011, Nick Dunn of Horus Music Limited gave a free seminar at the LCB Depot to anyone interested in the music business but more specifically music distribution.  The seminar was open to anyone who is interested in getting their music out into the public and there was a wide range of people attending from those who have written music in their bedroom to those who are starting companies.  During the session Nick spoke about the common issues that surround music distribution, but also gave everyone there a guide as to what is needed to help themselves raise their profile.  Getting product into shops or online is one thing, but making it sell and raising your profile is another.  A number of free online tools was given and you can view these here along with a press release issued by Creative Leicestershire.


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