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  1. Students visit Horus Music

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    On Monday the 27th June, BTEC students from Broooke Weston Academy who are studying marketing and promotion within the music industry visited Horus Music.  During the morning the students had the opportunity to interview staff and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various marketing techniques used including discussions about artists such as Lady Gaga, Adele, The Twang, Paul McCartney, Spice Girls, Yolanda Soares, Slipknot and many more.  The morning also covered other topics such as why people sign to major or independent record labels, could Emo music become main stream and is a radio plugger really needed amongst many other topics surrounding a new band or artist wanting to raise their profile.

    Commenting on behalf of the company, CEO Nick Dunn stated “this was a great opportunity for the students to see a working music company outside of London and ask about anything they wished.  The students asked many great questions and our staff enjoyed the thought provoking conversation that was held.”

    Horus Music wishes the students well in their assignements.