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    For those of you in the UK, you may have seen that Orange are advertising a music service with unlimited access to 300,000 tracks online and on your mobile phone that you can get for free (Orange Monkey).  Artists who are with Horus Music will benefit from this as we are director providers so any artist who signs up to our online music distribution service automatically benefits from having their music on the Orange music store.  Unlike many of our competitors, this is not something you have to pay for, we just do it as we are here to help you.

    How does Orange Monkey Work?

    • There is a £5.00 per month charge by Orange.
    • Find hundreds of thousands of tracks and albums, including Horus Music Distributed artists.
    • You can create play lists.
    • You can share your music.
    • And you can listen to your music, on your mobile and on your computer.