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  1. Manchester Music Show

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    On Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th November, members of Horus Music exhibited at the Music Show UK in Manchester.  The two days were packed with live music demonstrations from all types of music, brands demonstrating their latest instruments and service companies helping to organise tours and recordings.



    During the show we were visited by a number of people who until now were unaware of how music was delivered to stores like Apple iTunes, Google Music, Amazon MP3, Deezer and Spotify etc.

    Managing Director of Horus Music, Nick Dunn stated:  “This was our first time at the Manchester Music Show and we didn’t really know what to expect.  What we did get was a really diverse range of visitors and lots of very interesting questions.  It was good fun meeting companies such as instrument manufactures and sellers we normally don’t interact with and find ways of helping each other.  Since the exhibition has finished we’ve had a lot of enquiries and some new customers signing up already.  The staff worked really hard preparing for this event and its not surprising we’re all really tired.”


    Elise showing a potential customer the stores we deliver too.


    Catherine and Nikki ready for action before the show opens.


    Barry Tomes from Gotham Records pays us a visit.  Pictured with Managing Director Nick Dunn.


    Nina showing us she can still be noisy even when she isn’t talking.