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  1. Nikki Halliwell shares her thoughts on Midem 2014

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    We’ve been back from Midem for over a week now and the reality still hasn’t really set in. It is strange to know that the one event that we have been working towards all year was over so suddenly. Ok, so maybe the weather in Cannes wasn’t the best this year but that certainly didn’t dampen our spirits.

    As a company, Horus Music has been attending Midem for over 8 years now but it was my first time there and although I was excited I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect on the whole, but after our company dinner at La Pizza and a couple bottles of wine later I was raring to go.

    Nikki and Bob AirdAs well as promoting Horus Music as a company, my main job at Midem was to represent a number of artists and to help them take their music to the next level. The first 2 days were incredibly busy for me and were jam packed with meetings all around the Palais de Festivals as well as some in The Carlton. I was even able to arrange a very exciting meeting with Bob Aird, the Managing Director of Universal Music Publishing Australia in the Grande Hotel (see image). Bob was genuinely one of the nicest guys I met at Midem and was nice enough to offer advice for our artists as well as to pass on details of other companies that he felt would be beneficial to us. Later that night was the Super bowl party at The Carlton and despite not understanding the game and paying 25 Euros for 2 beers it was a pretty amazing night where I was able to meet yet more incredible people and make some fantastic new contacts.

    The most exciting aspect of this years’ Midem was that for the very first time we had our own pod, which gave us a much bigger presence and generated much more interest in us as well as in our artists. Our electronic press pack that we use to showcase our artists as well as the iPad app that we designed proved to be an invaluable tool and one that we will almost certainly be making use of in the future.

    Nikki and Barry TomesAs well as making new contacts it is always important to stay in contact with those that we’ve met before and it is always great to catch up with Barry Tomes of Gotham Records (see image). Midem is all about the music and we were very happy to be able to attend Ma Nolan’s to watch the very talented Nikita Nox take to the stage, as well as watching the amazing Mas Frédéric perform at Morrisons before our last day.

    The weather finally improved on our last day and although the event itself was over, as well as having the chance to recover, this provided us with the opportunity to go out and explore the rest of Cannes, not to mention having one last burger from Le Spot. Midem truly was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it all over again. It is a statement that is made all too often but when it comes to Midem it couldn’t be any more true. Leaving felt very bittersweet for all of us, it was over all too quickly but this is where the real work starts. Continuing our brilliant relationships with both artists and professionals is what we’re all about here at Horus Music and we hope that Midem proved to be successful for all involved.

    Now it’s on to the next challenge.

    If you are interested in being represented at the next Midem, you can find out more information here: http://horusmusic.co.uk/product/international-representation-midem/

    Alternatively, you can contact a member of the Horus Music team directly.

    Written by Nikki Halliwell

    © 2014 Horus Music Ltd

  2. Midem 2012

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     For the sixth year running Horus Music is attending Midem.  Midem is where the world music industry gather to do business, exchange and debate ideas and network  / meet new people and  meet up with old contacts.  When you want to licence your music, publish your music, distribute it, find a music manager, get a tour or play in a particular country, basically anything to develop your musical career around the world, or find out what new services are out there, Midem is the place to be.

    By Horus Music being an established company and by going to Midem each year for the last six years, Horus Music has developed a network of great contacts from all aspects of the music industry.  The first year you go, it’s all daunting and you don’t know many people, but each time you go back, you meet more and more and get to know who the real good business people are and who are the hoping to make a quick buck (luckily because of the cost and commitment needed for Midem, there are not many of those).  Trust is very important and because we keep going back it shows we’re a business that is not going away as well as our trust builds as many companies around the world are doing great business with us and word does spread.

    We are very much looking forward to Midem this year and have a great number of artists we are representing to help further their careers.  If you are attending Midem and would like to meet up with us, please do email us or come and say hello, we’ll be on the UKTI / UK / BPI stand.