Want To Know Who The Best Digital Distribution Company Is? Horus Music Respond

Ari Herstand recently wrote a post on Digital Music News that compared 7 different digital distribution companies.

In this post, Ari left out the digital distribution companies that only work with labels, and wanted to include the companies that allow anyone to sign up to their services. While this was a very well balanced and interesting article, we couldn’t help notice a certain distributor that had been left out, despite meeting the above criteria:  Horus Music Limited.

The Comparison

Horus Music was incorporated in 2006 by musician Nick Dunn and has since grown to become one of the biggest independent distributors in the UK.

Nick had previously been frustrated by other distributors that were currently in the market place and decided that he could do a better job of it himself and quickly obtained direct contracts with stores with the main aim of providing the best possible service for clients.

Here’s a breakdown as to why we think we should be considered when preparing your next release for distribution:

Comparison of digital music distribution music companies

Comparison of digital music distribution music companies


Written by Nikki Halliwell