International Representation

What is Midem?

midem-logoMidem is an international yearly event  that is dedicated to the opinion leaders and decision makers of the music industry. It is the place where the music-makers, cutting-edge technologies, brands and talents come together in one place to do business and to make new contacts. Around 8000 music industry delegates attend Midem every year and include the likes of record labels, publishers, tour and booking agents, promoters and PR guys, festival bookers, managers and many more.

Through a non-exclusive contract, Horus Music can represent you at Midem and make contact with these people on your behalf and try and get you a deal. We have been attending Midem since 2006 so we already have an extensive network of contacts at our disposal. We will be in direct contact with people from all over the world to help get your music recognised the world over. Also, if we do get you a deal of some kind, then it will be directly between the two of you and Horus Music won’t take anything out of it. 

There are some music companies out there who say they will represent you, but they only take one track and they try and take a percentage of any deal they make.  We develop an electronic press kit for you that includes many tracks, vidoes, pictures, bio, and press cuttings etc.  The information you can give us the better to help you.  Also we give you a report of all the people we approached and what their feed back was.  Any meetings we have, again we put this into a report and let you know what happened and then follow up on your behalf.  No other music company does any of this.

You can find out more about Midem here.

Call Horus Music now on +44 (0)116 253 0203 for more information.

We are also open to representing clients at any other international events such as this that we feel will be beneficial.

Who Can We Help?

Horus Music is happy to represent anyone with genuine musical potential and talent.If you think that this sounds like you and if you have good quality material to work with then get in touch to find out more information and what the next step is.

Past Successes

Client Feedback

Why is this package so expensive?

It takes a lot of time to represent an artist.  This is not a job that can be done in an hour.  Before Midem there is a lot of preparation in ensuring your press kit is correct and representing you in a good light, advising you on how to present yourself online and then finding the contacts that are suitable to you and your needs.  Then time before Midem is needed to approach, call and discuss you with contacts and then arrange meetings.  At Midem a meeting will the be held with each person and opportunities sort to find other people that could helpful your career.  After Midem a full report of all people contacted is made for you and follow up with each person contacted and spoken too.  All this work takes a couple of hundred hours of work at least because we want you to have the best possible opportunity.

Call Horus Music now on +44 (0)116 253 0203 to get started.