Sell My Music in Japan

I would like to sell my music in Japan

Japan is a very exciting market to be selling your music however it does require knoweldge of their culture and the shape of the music business.  Horus Music is a regular visitor to Japan and keeps up to speed with current trends.  It is important to note that stores such as Apple iTunes are not the dominant download store in Japan but if you sign up for music distribution via Horus Music, you will have your music placed in all the music stores in Japan.

For those who have their music delivered to Japan, they will automatically have their music delivered to stores in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.

What Japanese stores will sell my music?

We  do have a list of mobile, download and smart phone stores we deliver too in these territories, however the list covers 688 different stores so is far too big to list here.  Also due to confindentiality agreements we are unable to make this public however active clients signed up to our music distribution service will be able to see this.

How can I sell my music in Japan?

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