Physical Distribution

Sell my CD in a music store

Horus Music Distribution offers a great bespoke distribution service to artists and companies (record labels, publishers, artist managers etc). Our distribution covers both the digital and physical market. With our direct contracts, we distribute music to hundreds of download, streaming and mobile music stores around the world and we can ensure that your music is obtainable anywhere. We also offer physical music distribution and have a number of packages that are designed to help you make money including access to the best CD Sales force in the UK. As a client of our distribution service you will benefit from our worldwide network and management experience. We do not just take your music and sell it, we do all we can to help you raise your profile and be involved with opportunities around the world.

We have a couple of packages that are open to all artists regardless of level.

Sell your CD, Vinyl or DVD on the Amazon UK Webstore. 

For additdional packages, click here to choose your release package and begin uploading. 

Sell my music in HMV

For HMV physical music distribution, this is by application only and is made available to clients who have a marketing package in place. Please call our office to discuss HMV distribution if you have a one sheet to hand and a marketing strategy in place.  Distribution for HMV requires up to four months preperation lead time.

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