Sell My Music on 7 Digital

Advantages to Selling on 7 Digital

Founded in 2004, 7 Digital is based in London and also has offices stationed in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and Luxembourg.

7 digital is the leading global digital content platform providing consumers, partners and developers with open access to an extensive international catalogue of high quality digital content and provides the complete music experience; from discovery, to organisation and purchase.

Through 7 Digital’s website and mobile applications, it’s consumers have the ability to access over 23 million legal, high quality tracks that they can they listen to on any device they wish. They are also pre-loaded on 60 million devices worldwide.

7 Digital Global List of Stores

7 Digital is currently available in the following countries:

7 Digital countries

Stores that 7 Digital can deliver to include:

Acer, Artistxite, Astro, Aupeo,, Blackberry, Blackberry Playbook, Bopler/MXP4, BuyMyPlaylist, Bway, Clip Interactive, Cyberlink, DoubleTwist, FUHU, Fairshare,, Forest Incentives, GHH Commerce, Gravity Mobile, HMV, HP Touchpad, HTC One, Imerge/Xiva, In8 Mobile, InternetQ/Akazoo, Loudlife/Basha, LíEclerc, Me2u Music, Meanyou, Medianodes, Musicnodes, Meridian HP/Sooloos, Mixpixie,, O2 Ireland Music, One Clique Media, OneDigit/, Overmax, Prodigium/Infogo, Pure Music, QNX Carô, RBS/Natwest, Radio 360, Samsung Music Hub, Senzari, ShopTo, Sourcetone, Sweetarts, T-Mobile, Technicolour MediaNavi, Tonspion, Tradebit, Travelclub, TriPlay, Tunechecker, Tunewiki,, Ubunto One Music, Urban Download, Wah Wah, Zerothune, Zngine.

How Do I Sell My Music on 7 Digital?

Artists and Labels who sign up with Horus Music will have their music made automatically available to 7 Digital.  Within 24 hours of Horus Music taking delivery of your music, you can be assured it will have been received at 7 Digital and ready for purchase by your customers within a short time after.  Click here to choose your release package and begin uploading.