Sell My Music on Amazon MP3

Why Should I Sell My Music on Amazon MP3?

Amazon MP3 is an online music store that is owned and operated by one if the most well-known companies in the world, It was launched in 2007 has an extensive catalogue with in excess of  16 million songs. Amazon MP3 is also the 2nd largest download store in the world.

The catalogue is accessible through the Amazon website and is also available on a number of mobile devices.

The introduction of the Amazon Cloud Player, and it’s integration with the MP3 store, allows users to play and store their music from wherever they are, either on a web browser, iPhone or Android phone, it is also compatible with Kindle devices. The main advantages of the Cloud Player are that you can access your music on up to 10 devices, keep your music safe and free up space on your hard drive.

Amazon MP3 Global List of Stores

Amazon MP3 is currently available in the following countries:



How Do I Sell My Music on Amazon MP3?

Artists and Labels who sign up with Horus Music will have their music made automatically available to Amazon MP3.  Within 24 hours of Horus Music taking delivery of your music, you can be assured it will have been received at Amazon MP3 and ready for purchase by your customers within a short time after.  Click here to choose your release package and begin uploading.