Sell My Music on Deezer

Advantages to Selling My Music on Deezer

Deezer is a music service that delivers an exciting, multi-local experience to more than 26 million music fans worldwide.

Founded in 2006, Deezer has agreements with 2000 labels and rights management companies around the world, including major labels. It has also launched it’s services in every continent.

Deezer offers an ad-free music service available in more than 160 countries.

Why Should I Sell My Music on Deezer?

With a minimum potential audience of 600 million countries and a current catalogue in excess of 30 million tracks, Deezer is a store you really can’t afford to not have your music in.

Content is instantly available on any device, whether that is a smartphone, computer, tablet, home speakers or even in the car.

Deezer Global List of Stores

24-7 is currently available in the following countries:



How Do I Sell My Music on Deezer?

Artists and Labels who sign up with Horus Music will have their music made automatically available to Deezer.  Within 24 hours of Horus Music taking delivery of your music, you can be assured it will have been received at Deezer and ready for purchase by your customers within a short time after.  Click here to choose your release package and begin uploading.