Sell My Music on Google Play

New Music Service From Google

Google Play launched in 2012 with a restricted music service to the residence of the United States of America.  However in November of 2013, the number of Google Play Music Stores dramatically increased with stores throughout Europe.

The Google Play Music service gives consumers the ability to purchase and play music not just on their desktop, but on any android service such as phones and tablets.  Your music is stored in the cloud so your customers never have to worry about how the access your music because it is available everywhere.

Other great features include a free 90 second preview of any music and any music you purchase, you can share a free play with any of your friends on Google+.  Your fans purchases will be displayed as links on their Google+ page so your fans can spread the word about your music with very little effort.

Google Play Global List of Stores

Google Play is currently available in the following countries:


How Do I Sell My Music on Google Play?

Artists and Labels who sign up with Horus Music will have their music made automatically available to Google Play.  Within 24 hours of Horus Music taking delivery of your music, you can be assured it will have been received at Google Play and ready for purchase by your customers within a short time after.  Click here to choose your release package and begin uploading. 

Why Choose Horus Music to Distribute My Music to Google Play?

Horus Music has a direct contract with Google Play, we are not using any third parties unlike most distributors including some very large distributors.  Because of our direct contract, you benefit from the maximum royalty payment back from Google Play, the ability to have promotion within Google Play, and the ability to be apart of any new services made available on Google Play ahead of anybody else.