Sell My Music on Apple iTunes

Advantages to selling via Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes is the largest music store in the world that sells more music than most other digital retailers put together.  With Horus Music Distribution Services you will benefit from having your music available for download on the iTunes store and you can earn royalties from iTunes match and have albums on pre-order months in advance.  iTunes are the quickest store at accounting back and at Horus Music you can receive your royalty payments within 24 hours of iTunes paying.

iTunes Match

iTunes match gives artists the ability to earn money from music that may have been added to one of your fans music collection but not necessarily paid for originally.  When a person adds the track to their cloud locker and then plays the track, the artist will earn an income from each play.

iTunes Global List of Stores

Some distribution companies state iTunes is available in 220+ counties.  This is false information.  Apple iTunes is currently available in the following countries: 


How can I start selling my music on iTunes?

Horus Music can have your music on iTunes in a very short space of time.  We cannot guarantee it will be up on minutes, and doing so would be false advertising as nobody can do regardless of what they say on their website.  However you can either send us your music via drop box, FTP, or other file transfer sites, or send us a disc, and we can guarantee we will have your music uploaded and sent to Apple within 24 hours.  Click here to choose your release package and begin uploading. 

Why should I use Horus Music to get my music on iTunes?

Horus Music is one of a few number of companies that is directly contracted to Apple to supply music.  We have very strong working relationships with Apple and have been successful in getting our artists opportunities such as being features on the front page and genre pages of iTunes.

Because we are direct with Apple, it means payments for sales can be with you within 30 days of the month ending, so for example if you sold music in September, will we pay you your royalties in October.

Some companies proudly say how big they are but bigger does not always mean better.  Bigger companies tend to make a lot of mistakes and therefore the time from when your music is sent to iTunes to the time it goes on sale can be quite slow.   At Horus Music, because of our quality controls in place and our excellent relationships, most of our releases are available to the public within a new of hours.

We’re an Apple iTunes Preferred Partner.

There are a lot of companies out there who as part of their sales pitch to get your music like to tell you they are an Apple iTunes Preferred Partner.  If you see this or hear it, you should run or cover your nose from all the bull waste they are telling you.  The real fact is this, all direct contract holders (like us here at Horus Music) get the same rights, privileges and contracts.  There can be the odd little difference with royalties, but that is it.  Apple do not give out Preferred Partner trophies, Apple give all direct contract holders the same number of flags to highlight priority content, everyone gets paid the same day, and everyone gets scored the same way with regards to delivery time vs time showing live on store.  As it stands, bigger companies tend to make more metadata mistakes therefor they get scored lower and time content is showing live on store is much slower.  That is the reality of how it works.  The impression they give that we are bigger therefor are treated better is not true, its couldn’t be further from the truth.