Get my Music Video on VEVO

Advantages to Having My Music Video on VEVO:

Vevo provide high quality video content that is available on the web as well as on mobile and tablet devices. You can have your music available on Vevo alongside some of the biggest artists in the world. Vevo TV is a broadcast-style service that is also available in the US and Canada through the website so that your music videos can be seen by a much wider audience.

Why Should I Have My Music Video on Vevo?

As well as a vast availability on their own, Vevo also have a partnership with YouTube. This results in Vevo, and its content, becoming accessible in over 200 countries. This is an reach that is unparalleled by other platforms of this type.

Vevo Global List of Stores:

Vevo is currently available in the following countries:


How Do I Get My Music Video On Vevo?

Artists and Labels who sign up with Horus Music can request to have their videos uploaded to Vevo. We also have the possibility to help your video become a featured video on one of their playlists.  We offer a very competitive fee to set up your VEVO channel name and deliver your first video to the platform.  Click here to get your VEVO channel ID and upload your first video.